Whispering Leaves Spell

I know. I know. Bad me for not keeping up this blog! I’ve been very very busy between trying to back homework and a new boyfriend. Hopefully I will start posting more things and videos. For now I’ll leave you with a spell I wrote a bit ago. With the changing season from summer to fall fast approaching, I feel it is appropriate. I also am including a poem I wrote which I feel fits.

Whispering Leaves Spell

Do you ever feel like there are a million voices floating of the breeze when the wind blows? I do and recently with Autumn beginning and the leaves starting to fall I have been thinking of a good spell to do. The wind represents many things to me but there are two which are prominent: communication and banishing bad energy.

Here is what you will need:
Two fallen leaves (One colorful and one brown. Get them from the same tree if possible.)
A hill where you can look up at the open sky and into the distance
A marker (black for banishing and blue for communication).

Up on the hill pick up the brown leaf which will represent banishing. Take the black marker and write one word on the back of the leaf which describes something you want to rid yourself of. Pick up the leaf and when the wind blows throw it into the air and say:

Leaf leaf float away
May I never go astray
Now I’m free to dance and play

Now take the colorful leaf and the blue marker. Write on the back something which you wish would happen. When the wind blows again take the leaf and release it into the air and say:

Leaf leaf I sent away
To the Divine I pray
That my wish be granted today



I see you smile
behind the leaves
I see your warmth
though the air is cold

My heart rejoices
I become a child eternally
I jump into your arms

But I will grow old
and if you have fallen
beneath the leaves
when my time has come to fall
I hope I fall into your arms
so I can once again
see you smile
behind the leaves


The Four Elements


The wind moves through your hair and around your body. You feel it flowing over your skin cooling you. The leaves whisper in the trees and you hear the voices of spirits. You smell flowers blossoming. Something is coming. Everything around you is changing to something new yet the voices of the past are so near. You hear the song of the future and past. You feel your soul lifting and becoming lighter. It is freedom in its purest form. This is air. The element of the east and sunrise. Its season is spring and time of life is childhood. Elementals associated with it are Sylphs. Magic which works well with air is communication, intellect, travel, clarity, independence, and new beginnings.



You are floating in a lake. Your body is relaxed and so is your mind. In perfect stillness you feel an unspeakable peace. Suddenly a storm starting rolling in. Rain starting pouring over you and shocks you back into this plane of existence. Water is the essence of emotions and flowing movement. It’s associated with the heart and love. It is also the element of dreams, visions, and mystery. Its connection with the moon and Goddess is palpable. In any form water is cleansing. Its direction is west and time of day is dusk. Its stage of life is middle-age and its season is Autumn. The elementals of the water element are called Undines. Magic which works well with water include love, healing, cleansing/purification, meditation, family, friends, and beauty.



You’re gathered with other people around a bonfire. You feel its warmth and watch the flames as they move constantly in all directions. There is a pure force in them. There is a high level of energy and awareness in it which put you in a trance. This trance is broken by a friend asking you to dance. You take your friend’s hand and in a short moment you are twirling around. Laughing and dancing, you feel passion, happiness, and warmth. Fire is the social element. It is the essence of energy, movement, warmth, and makes our hearts flutter with light. It can destroy and transform. Its direction is south and its season is summer. Its stage of life in youth and its time of day is noon. Magic which works well with fire includes courage, strength, creativity, defense, loyalty, protection, sex, passion, love, and success. The elementals associated with it are salamanders.



You sit on a rock or lean against a tree to rest. You feel the strength and stability keeping yourself steady. You feel the path under your feet. You see the growing abundance around you. This is the earth. It is the essence of stable progress and constant prosperity. You reap what you sow in it. The earth is an element of growing, steadiness, and the general essence of life. The colors associated with it are mainly brown, black, gray and green. It is where our food comes from so eating and cooking is highly an earthly type of magic. Magic for money, prosperity, protection, fertility, family, healing and success are connected with it. The earth keeps us rooted and balanced. Earth is connected with the physically world and the body of a person. Four-legged animals find their home here. It is associated with the direction of North. Its season is winter and its time of day is midnight. Its stage of life is old age. The elementals associated with it are gnomes.



I would like to share a philosophy which I have. I often see the universe in terms of balance. When spells don’t work and I feel I have done everything to make them work (including all of the practical things), I often wonder why they have not worked. Doubt about magic and the spell working is sometimes the case but I always believed full heartily.

A long time ago I was wondering this and a thought popped into my head. Well, it is quite selfish to be asking for these things I want to happen to just happen. In fact that has been the only conflict I have ever had with my religion. Sometimes it is not as powerful as you wish it to be and at the same time many spells are about getting something. I then thought perhaps the reason spells don’t work is because we have not given nature and other people enough to GET what we really want. This makes sense. There needs to be a universal balance.

At the same fold I also feel there is more to this universal balance. For instance can the earthly really survive without the divine? Can change exist without stability? Magic has never been earthly in the first place. Energy can do anything in the right hands but at the same time can only affect so much physically.

The physical is about action and change. So what are the right circumstances for magic helping solve or create a situation in the physical plane? One thing that must be done is that the spellcaster has to put their ideas into motion. They must try to achieve their goal with more than magic. Then magic can help remove roadblocks and provide more energy for success.

At the same time we also must accept that what we want might not be what we need. What we need will be given to us and is what is best for us. Wicca is not about what you get from magic but learning that magic is everywhere. It is learning that performing magic can be a chance to give. Magic is about becoming aware of energies around us and learning that we can help change the world on a physical and spiritual level.

Dilute the Darkness Spell

Here is a spell to help you in the dark times of life. Sometimes negativity becomes a well of darkness that you feel like you are drowning in. When you feel like this there seems like there is no way out but there is! This spell will help you shift your mood in a better direction. This is also a good cleansing spell before a spell or Sabbat.

What you Need:

A Black Washable Marker
A White Candle
Happiness Bath Bag
Water (your tub/shower)

Happiness Bath Bag Recipe

Take a sqaure of cloth and a string. Put these into it and tie it to make a pouch. You could also put these in loose in the bath water.

A clear quartz crystal
A tbs. of mint
Some lemon peel zest
A tbs. of sage
A tsp salt
(Any other herbs or things you would love to put in the pouch such as lavender, thyme, chamomile, rose, ect.)

Now that you have what you need go to the place you will perform the spell. Draw the bath and put the bag in. Light the candle and turn off the lights. This spell is wordless and based solely on visualization and your other five senses. You can chant something if you wish.With the marker draw on your naked skin. Draw on your skin everything you are feeling and even write the words which describe your emotions. Now put yourself into the water and wash all that negativity away. All these negative thoughts are just temporary and do not make up who you are so let them go. Let the water cleanse you. Close your eyes. Visualize the light from the candle swirling around you in a glowing ribbon. Visualize the light going into the crystal in the bag and flowing a rainbow of colors into the water. Watch as the rainbow colors form bubbles which float in the air around you in the darkness. They shine and are weightless, just like you, and you yourself start to feel weightless. What do you smell? Inhale the good and exhale the bad. Feel your breath move in and out effortlessly. What do you hear? Silence? Bubbles popping? Water flowing? When you feel relaxed and more happy let the bath end and as you see the water swirling down the drain, imagine it is your fear, stress, and sadness leaving you. Blow out the candle but continue to feel the warm glow of its light.

Practical Paganism

I have been looking through my old not as successful blog on blogger which I abandoned a while ago to transfer some of my posts here for your information. I know this is kind of cheating in a way. I guess? I’m not sure why I feel guilty about recycling old posts when they are still relevant and timeless information and rambling. Anyway. Here is something I wrote for the wiccan website WitchVox a while ago. I hope you enjoy it.

Practical Paganism

As I look around the room, it hits me how much I have related to Wicca. It has literally become a huge part of my existence. My focus is directed to a piece of amber crystal that I bought for fifteen dollars at a local shop. I now wonder to myself whether it was worth it but a bigger question arises from this. Whatever happened to down to earth practical magic?

It’s no secret that most people live on a budget. Although I love those spiritual stores with so many wonderfully witchy objects, I have to wonder if my life would be even more fulfilled by not just buying things but creating them. I’m talking about cheap, practical, and personal ways to bring magic into every aspect of life. Creation is a force that the Goddess teaches us everyday. Each time we eat, we are recognizing the fact that something was created so we could sustain our lives. When we are cleaning, we are assuming the position of cleansing which, although the opposite of creation, makes way for something to be created. The way magic is done does not matter; the energy behind it is what truly makes it powerful.

This being said I want to focus attention on the benefits of practical magic. My reasons why this type of magic has attracted my attention will be included. How to achieve the same level of magical power while intertwining it with simple tasks will also be discussed.

One reason I like this idea is time management. I simply have no time to do long rituals, spells, or meditations. I will always have to make meals, clean, and do other necessary tasks to sustain life. In my extra time I want to do crafts, create a garden, make art and generally live with the movement of life. Taking the time to slow down and do a ritual is just not possible. It is fantastic when I feel inspired to do it but still does not fill an itch I have.

Another reason this path is awesome is because it saves money! Instead of buying gifts, organic soaps, herbal remedies, and even clothing, I can make it! When we get down to nature we will find that it provides us with all we need. We can grow our own food, make our own clothes, and generally being self-sustaining. This in turn saves money. Instead of buying that twenty-dollar sweater, you can make it with a yarn ball you bought at a craft store for at most ten dollars.

My third reason is that it just feels right. Every religion, even Wicca, loses their initial meaning after awhile. Some people may think of Wicca as just a way to get what they want by simply casting a few powerful spells. Yes spells can help direct energy in a positive way so you can reach your goal but at the same time action must be taken. It is not what we can get from nature that is important but what it freely gives all of humanity. It gives us the power of movement and the constant ability to build from the ground up (literally) . Using what nature gives us to make everyday tasks a magical event is truly telling the Goddess and God thanks for everything.

This is magic of the hearth and home. My fourth fantastic reason for this way of magic is that you cannot get caught up in the stress of life. Everything you do is enveloped by such fantastic magic! You live a truly enchanted life and learn to love just about every task that needs to be done. Building spirituality into every aspect of life allows you to relax and enjoy each moment as it comes. While doing the dishes you can put yourself into a slight trance and connect with the cleansing energies in this world. At the end of the day you feel fulfilled spiritually and have gotten everything you needed to get done.

My fifth reason for liking this path is helping heal the environment and preventing causing it further damage. If you make your own bath supplies, clothes, food, etc., then you are doing this. Not only will what you make be organic but will not have been shipped to you. This means that there is one less thing using energy and gas to come to your front door. Every little bit helps push everyone else to become aware of how they affect the environment. People catch on to the fact that it is possible to lessen our dependence on non-renewable energy and that, for them, it can be beneficial. They can spend less and make more. Your home project can inspire a community effort to go green.

The problem is that most chants and spells are not based around these daily events. People consider these activities chores and try to get them done as fast as possible. Why not slow down and put yourself into the task? Why not say a chant? Why not weave your own spell? I will present to you now a few chants I have created around these mundane “chores”.

Here are some chants for cleansing.

Laundry Blessing

Clothes blowing in the breeze
Wind dry them with ease
Sun dry my tears
Take away all my fears


Sweep out the past
Sweep out the dark
With this broom I cast
A protective mark

Here are some chants of creation.


Stirring up a cauldron brew
Ready to taste something new
A taste of something pure and true
Filled with what the Mother grew


As I do this craft
Mother sat back and laughed
Her joy spilled into my creation
Filling its owner with much elation

In conclusion, practical magic is something that is worth a try for many reasons. It is a chance to find uses for magic in our daily lives. With a deep focus on the home, it may become a way to connect with family and friends. It takes other people to enjoy a feast or a home-made gift. This is my final and, in my opinion, the best reason for this path: It joins us together and promotes love for all.

Lots of Kitchen Time Today!

I spent most of today outside and in the kitchen. I “weeded” out all of the mint from the garden which has sort of spread and taken over a bit. I potted some of it and hung the rest up to dry and will put it in the spice rack once it is done drying. I also made sun tea with some sprigs and plain decaf black tea. I used up the rest of my dried mint from last year in the tea as well. I also dug up some dandelions and am drying to roots and flowers and will use the leaves for a salad tomorrow during lunch.

Here’s some pictures of all this:


I also gathered materials (pine needles, pine bark, and a pine cone) to do a spell from the book The Faeries Guide to Green Magick from the Garden by Jamie Wood and Lisa Steinke. I love this book and highly recommend it! The illustrations in it are beautiful!


I have a special spot under an oak tree where a flat stone is right near the base. It makes a perfect little outside altar. In fact I probably should dress it up as such with other rocks. Anyway.. The spell I am doing is called Artemis-Mugwort Vision for New Birth and is done, as you may have gathered, with mugwort and some of the other supplies I listed. The spells goal is to get in touch with the goddess Artemis who is a very good symbol of strength and the woods. It is also somewhat of a manifestation spell for a wish you have. For some reason I feel like working with fire and plan of burning the ingredients instead of placing them in water. Some practitioners may see this as too destructive of a force for a spell intending to create something but I believe fire will release the energies and empower them to be directed by the air to grant my wish. I work best with air so I like the smoke a lot and find incense especially useful. I’m still unsure what to wish for. Love? Healing? Cleansing? The truth is I am pretty content with my life right now. I think the best thing to ask for is cleansing and healing from a particular action I find myself regretting right now. I will tell you how it goes tonight when the sliver of moon is shining down.

For now I will leave you with a picture of the groundhog who lives on our front lawn and made an appearance today.