Goddess & God: What defines them?

I often get into a dilemma about this subject. I often see in correspondences in that Wiccans identify with the God and with the Goddess. For instance, we have the color gold as a symbol for God and silver for the Goddess. But why? What truly defines them? I know that the moon and Goddess are often matched together and that is why silver is the color of choice. I often find that people often define God and Goddess so specifically for correspondences to crystals, colors, and even the elements themselves. Such as the Goddess ruling over moonstone, silver, blue, purple, and water. In my opinion sometimes charts can be counterproductive with magic. It is about how you feel about something. I know many people say that the Goddess rules over water and air. I do see that but there are also some instances where you can see her in earth and fire too. It all depends of what personally reminds you of your personal God or Goddess. Only YOU, in my opinion, can truly define what you feel represents what. Symbols can often be changed and what is important is to do what feels right for you.

Here is just an example of what I’m talking about when I say correspondence charts:

No offense to the website owner. This is the generally accepted version of what feminine and masculine divine powers represent. I personally belief that the Goddess and God can’t be bottled up and generalized in a way that people agree upon. People have many different versions of God and Goddess.




Dilute the Darkness Spell

Here is a spell to help you in the dark times of life. Sometimes negativity becomes a well of darkness that you feel like you are drowning in. When you feel like this there seems like there is no way out but there is! This spell will help you shift your mood in a better direction. This is also a good cleansing spell before a spell or Sabbat.

What you Need:

A Black Washable Marker
A White Candle
Happiness Bath Bag
Water (your tub/shower)

Happiness Bath Bag Recipe

Take a sqaure of cloth and a string. Put these into it and tie it to make a pouch. You could also put these in loose in the bath water.

A clear quartz crystal
A tbs. of mint
Some lemon peel zest
A tbs. of sage
A tsp salt
(Any other herbs or things you would love to put in the pouch such as lavender, thyme, chamomile, rose, ect.)

Now that you have what you need go to the place you will perform the spell. Draw the bath and put the bag in. Light the candle and turn off the lights. This spell is wordless and based solely on visualization and your other five senses. You can chant something if you wish.With the marker draw on your naked skin. Draw on your skin everything you are feeling and even write the words which describe your emotions. Now put yourself into the water and wash all that negativity away. All these negative thoughts are just temporary and do not make up who you are so let them go. Let the water cleanse you. Close your eyes. Visualize the light from the candle swirling around you in a glowing ribbon. Visualize the light going into the crystal in the bag and flowing a rainbow of colors into the water. Watch as the rainbow colors form bubbles which float in the air around you in the darkness. They shine and are weightless, just like you, and you yourself start to feel weightless. What do you smell? Inhale the good and exhale the bad. Feel your breath move in and out effortlessly. What do you hear? Silence? Bubbles popping? Water flowing? When you feel relaxed and more happy let the bath end and as you see the water swirling down the drain, imagine it is your fear, stress, and sadness leaving you. Blow out the candle but continue to feel the warm glow of its light.


Friendship is one of the great treasures in life. I have experienced times when I have had no friends, friends who were not good for me, and lately (thankfully) many friends whom have been very good to me. Friends are an asset when family gets too much. This is true for me and all I can say is thanks. Even with this I still hold strong that family is forever though friends may come and go.

Friendship Potion

sprig of catnip
squirt of lemon
rose petals
teaspoon vanilla

Chant for Friendship

Oh divine above
Fill my heart with love
And let my heart open free
To bring a friend to me
So mote it be
So mote it be

The World of Fairies

Fairies are called by many names: little folk, good folk, faeries, and the fae. Fae derives from the latin word fata meaning “fate”. Faeries are magical beings which occupy a world in a different realm of existence. Our world and their world is separated by a barrier called the veil. The term faery can be used for any magical being. This includes elves, leprechauns, brownies, merepeople, pixies, ect. Many people make fairy houses for the smaller type of fae. These house are made of natural material like twigs, rocks, pine cones, acorns, ect. Mushrooms are a sign of faeries being near. If you find mushrooms which make a circle then this is called a faery ring and is said to be where faeries have danced around in a circle. Faeries are often found is gardens, woods, fields, and basically any natural places. Foods that attract them are basically anything sweet. Honey and jam is especially good. Moss, clovers, bell flowers like foxglove, thyme, lavender, and roses are all great plants for a faery garden. Faeries tend to dislike iron so don’t add this to your garden. They also dislike weed pulling and trimming of bushes and trees. They like when nature is left more wild. As with all beings some faeries are good and some faeries are not so nice. Faeries can be visited through meditation and astral travels. Use caution while meeting different beings and always show respect.

Now for the fun stuff!

Faerie Chant

Oh fellows of nature gather round
to listen to the a soulful call
May your magic and grace abound
like laughter at a merry ball
May what is lost always be found
and may the Goddess bless you all

(I think this would be a good spell to use if it is suspect the fae decided to hide something from you. What little tricksters they can be but what good fun too!)


Practical Paganism

I have been looking through my old not as successful blog on blogger which I abandoned a while ago to transfer some of my posts here for your information. I know this is kind of cheating in a way. I guess? I’m not sure why I feel guilty about recycling old posts when they are still relevant and timeless information and rambling. Anyway. Here is something I wrote for the wiccan website WitchVox a while ago. I hope you enjoy it.

Practical Paganism

As I look around the room, it hits me how much I have related to Wicca. It has literally become a huge part of my existence. My focus is directed to a piece of amber crystal that I bought for fifteen dollars at a local shop. I now wonder to myself whether it was worth it but a bigger question arises from this. Whatever happened to down to earth practical magic?

It’s no secret that most people live on a budget. Although I love those spiritual stores with so many wonderfully witchy objects, I have to wonder if my life would be even more fulfilled by not just buying things but creating them. I’m talking about cheap, practical, and personal ways to bring magic into every aspect of life. Creation is a force that the Goddess teaches us everyday. Each time we eat, we are recognizing the fact that something was created so we could sustain our lives. When we are cleaning, we are assuming the position of cleansing which, although the opposite of creation, makes way for something to be created. The way magic is done does not matter; the energy behind it is what truly makes it powerful.

This being said I want to focus attention on the benefits of practical magic. My reasons why this type of magic has attracted my attention will be included. How to achieve the same level of magical power while intertwining it with simple tasks will also be discussed.

One reason I like this idea is time management. I simply have no time to do long rituals, spells, or meditations. I will always have to make meals, clean, and do other necessary tasks to sustain life. In my extra time I want to do crafts, create a garden, make art and generally live with the movement of life. Taking the time to slow down and do a ritual is just not possible. It is fantastic when I feel inspired to do it but still does not fill an itch I have.

Another reason this path is awesome is because it saves money! Instead of buying gifts, organic soaps, herbal remedies, and even clothing, I can make it! When we get down to nature we will find that it provides us with all we need. We can grow our own food, make our own clothes, and generally being self-sustaining. This in turn saves money. Instead of buying that twenty-dollar sweater, you can make it with a yarn ball you bought at a craft store for at most ten dollars.

My third reason is that it just feels right. Every religion, even Wicca, loses their initial meaning after awhile. Some people may think of Wicca as just a way to get what they want by simply casting a few powerful spells. Yes spells can help direct energy in a positive way so you can reach your goal but at the same time action must be taken. It is not what we can get from nature that is important but what it freely gives all of humanity. It gives us the power of movement and the constant ability to build from the ground up (literally) . Using what nature gives us to make everyday tasks a magical event is truly telling the Goddess and God thanks for everything.

This is magic of the hearth and home. My fourth fantastic reason for this way of magic is that you cannot get caught up in the stress of life. Everything you do is enveloped by such fantastic magic! You live a truly enchanted life and learn to love just about every task that needs to be done. Building spirituality into every aspect of life allows you to relax and enjoy each moment as it comes. While doing the dishes you can put yourself into a slight trance and connect with the cleansing energies in this world. At the end of the day you feel fulfilled spiritually and have gotten everything you needed to get done.

My fifth reason for liking this path is helping heal the environment and preventing causing it further damage. If you make your own bath supplies, clothes, food, etc., then you are doing this. Not only will what you make be organic but will not have been shipped to you. This means that there is one less thing using energy and gas to come to your front door. Every little bit helps push everyone else to become aware of how they affect the environment. People catch on to the fact that it is possible to lessen our dependence on non-renewable energy and that, for them, it can be beneficial. They can spend less and make more. Your home project can inspire a community effort to go green.

The problem is that most chants and spells are not based around these daily events. People consider these activities chores and try to get them done as fast as possible. Why not slow down and put yourself into the task? Why not say a chant? Why not weave your own spell? I will present to you now a few chants I have created around these mundane “chores”.

Here are some chants for cleansing.

Laundry Blessing

Clothes blowing in the breeze
Wind dry them with ease
Sun dry my tears
Take away all my fears


Sweep out the past
Sweep out the dark
With this broom I cast
A protective mark

Here are some chants of creation.


Stirring up a cauldron brew
Ready to taste something new
A taste of something pure and true
Filled with what the Mother grew


As I do this craft
Mother sat back and laughed
Her joy spilled into my creation
Filling its owner with much elation

In conclusion, practical magic is something that is worth a try for many reasons. It is a chance to find uses for magic in our daily lives. With a deep focus on the home, it may become a way to connect with family and friends. It takes other people to enjoy a feast or a home-made gift. This is my final and, in my opinion, the best reason for this path: It joins us together and promotes love for all.

Wheel of the Year Magnet

Here’s a fun craft to try. It’s called a Wheel of the Year and shows all the holidays wiccans celebrate called Sabbats.

Here’s a list of the holidays, their dates, and what is celebrated during them. I hope this helps someone who wants to know.

Samhain (Halloween)(October 31st): This is the witches new year. It is a time to honor those loved ones who have died and crossed over. Spirits fill the air during the night and our power in at its height. The veils between worlds are thin and therefore we have a better connection with different realms of existence.

Yule (December 21-23): This is the Winter Solstice. Being the longest night of the year, it is when the moon is in full power. We come together to celebrate the sun awakening and being reborn.

Imbolc or Candlemas (February 2nd): Life is just starting to wake up again. Seeds and newborn animals are blessed in preparation for spring.

Ostara (March 19-22): This is the Spring Equinox. We celebrate the earth awakening and seeds being planted. It is a celebration of the balance between the moon and the sun. Eggs are often used represent fertility.

Beltane (May 1st): This is a day celebrating fertility and abundance within life. It is usually celebrated with the maypole dancing and leaping over a ritual fire. Life in growing and in full force.

Litha (June 19-23): This is Midsummer. It is the longest day and shortest night of the year and therefore the time when the sun in the strongest. The “death” of the sun is celebrated at sunset with a fire because the rest of the year is mainly composed of nights being longer than days. This time is often connected with seeing faeries.

Lammas (August 2nd): This is the time of the first harvest of the season. It is the time for gathering food for winter. Bread is the main part of the meal to celebrate a healthy harvest of wheat.

Mabon (September 21-23): Day and night are again in balance and the final harvest is celebrated. Resting, feasting, and general making merry is all part of the fun. We again prepare for winter.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Paper Plate
Paper (colored or not)
Two Magnets
Something to write with
Anything you want to decorate with

Take your paper plate and cut out the inside circle so there isn’t a wavy part. Then take your writing instrument of choice and write the names of the Sabbats in order all around the outside. Decorate your plate with anything you feel fits with each season and holiday. Take your glue and glue one magnet to the center of the back of the plate. Cut out an arrow using the separate sheet of paper and attach this to the other magnet using glue. Let everything dry overnight and you have your own personal wheel of the year! You can use the arrow to point to the next holiday coming up or the holiday which you are currently celebrating.

Wheel of Year

Faery Milk & Sleep

I’m not sure when I came across this recipe or from where but it has become a major part of my life. It somehow connects me to childhood and simple pleasures. I know if I ever have kids or a kid some day I will have them/him or her sipping on this yummy drink. I always think it’s a good drink for bed time as well.

As for the term Faery I used, this is something so sweet and delicate I would think little pixies would sip on it. I do believe in fae or faeries, which I use as a general term for magical beings, and another magical realm which parallels this one. The light filters different there like in a dream and time moves slower. There is lore that in spring, if you stand in a faery ring (where fae have danced around in a circle often leaving mushrooms growing), then they will be transported to the fae realm. I love lore like this and although I think it may be a bit more difficult to actually travel to such a place, it is a nice thought. There is also lore that the fae can be seen when in a sleepy state when your energy is more open to them which is why this brew is so properly named.

Anyway..to the recipe!

Faery Milk

  • A Cup of warm milk (can heat over stove or microwave)
  • Honey to taste
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
  • A dash of cinnamon (just because I like it but you can leave it out)

I have also done some variations of this drink to help me sleep. For instance, you can steep chamomile and/or lavender for tea and add the above ingredients to it. You can even add Valerian to the mix to give an extra sleep-inducing power to the brew. Why not blend all of these dry ingredients to make your own tea bags?

Another aid in sleep are sleep pillows or sacks which can be put under your pillow. These can be filled with a number of things: stones, herbs, spices, ect.

Sleep Sack/Pillow

  • amethyst- often used in mediation and sleep
  • milkweed silk- from the pods of milkweed and has a fluffy and soft texture
  • mugwort- known for bring on prophetic dreams
  • chamomile and/0r lavender- the scents are both soothing