In the dorm

In the dorm
There are thin barriers
You hear every sound

You hear the girl in room D
having loud sex
With her boyfriend

You hear the girls in room A
Listening to music
Singing in the shower

You hear the girl in room B
Who told you she was in crisis
Crying with loneliness

You hear the ghost
Of the girl who died
When her car tipped on its side

Meanwhile, in room C,
You are waiting for sleep
But reality is too loud


Writing Wednesday: Rainy Day Dose

Rainy Day Doze

Your belly is near my head
as I listen to you breathe

Your corn chip fur softens
as I listen to the rain

Your paws flex lightly
as I Listen to your sigh

Your eyes twitch slightly
As I listen to the breeze

Your wet nose wiggles
As I listen to your heart

Remus Sleeping

Remus Sleeping

Remus Outside (He hates the rain)

Remus Outside (He hates the rain)

Raindrops On Tiger Lily Leaves

Raindrops On Tiger Lily Leaves

Remus Being Dried Off. What a little derp!

Remus Being Dried Off. What a little derp!


Writing Wednesday: To the Man I Have Finally Forgiven

To the Man I Have Finally Forgiven

I desired to grasp you;
but you sank from me
like after wading constantly
for hours under this pressure.

I can explain my boiling life water
filled with eggs I might not use
not wanting to become like you.

But it would be useless at this point.
I might get lost in gravel
picking at each piece of sandy
flecks which remains stuck
despite sitting in a bath
until I was a prune

Who decided I needed
to forgive you
at some point,
somehow find the strength to
let go of it all, fling my emotions

into the washing machine
set it to delicate
pray everything comes out intact
being clean would only be a bonus.

with a hope that you somehow
was just misunderstood.
To forget your actions and
restart would make it easy
like slipping through liquid.

Yet I never learned how to
Swim, you never taught me,
and I never could
gather the courage to float
on top of you
because I may drown trying.

Because you see
I have weighted memories of you
which might make me sink

Yet the problems are
all the same; and
if I feel myself sinking,
I will realize I should have tried
To face the depths of you in which
I was afraid to swim,
despite the risks which presented themselves.

Maybe I would have understood sooner
That both of us
Were tying rocks to our feet
We just needed to be brave enough
To dive under and let them go

Saved From Drowning

Saved From Drowning

Hiding Remains, Nothing Remains

You told me once
blaming the careful incisions you made
on cats was your teenage years

Scratching your surface

Like the trees do when it’s windy
Sweeping through the clouds
Hitting the nervous sky

Pricking it yet again

like me at my acne
trying to relieve the pressure
from those swollen glands

Squeezing the peeling

Like when you are preparing carrots
Quickly ripping shreds from them
So they fall thickly on the counter

Hiding the remains

With cats or clouds
With the shirt over my back
With the trash can

Until nothing remains

Keep digging
You won’t find anything
But more pain


Hello Again Everyone!

I know you all have pretty much forgot about me! But I’m one of those crazy poet types always posting their poetry. I have been so so so insanely busy this past school year! I have officially declared my Creative Writing concentration in my English major at school.

I have also been busy with my wonderful boyfriend Skye. He’s a sweetheart. I love him dearly.

I have also joined him in his pursuit at making a successful etsy online store for his larp and cosplay equipment as well as my jewelry and crochet goods.

So head on over to Our Etsy to check it out if you wish.

Much love and friendship to you all,


Skye and I Cosplayed

Skye and I Cosplayed

Marceline Cosplay

Marceline Cosplay

Me with one of Skye's Shields he has made.

Me with one of Skye’s Shields he has made.

Myself Being Silly

Myself Being Silly

Skye My Lovely Boyfriend

Skye My Lovely Boyfriend